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When will I get married? Fifteen of his works have been translated into Bengali. Apart from Indian languages many of his works have been translated into many foreign languages like Japanese, French, German, Russian, etc. In the opinion of fellow historian Professor Irfan Habib , " D.

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Kosambi and R. Sharma, together with Daniel Thorner , brought peasants into the study of Indian history for the first time. Dwijendra Narayan Jha published a book in his honour in , titled "Society and Ideology in India: ed.

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You can ask our expert any type of question or querry related to your Health, Business, Relationship, Career, Studies or Vastu Shastra. Sharma, a perceptive historian of Ancient India, has too great a regard for the truth about the social evolution in India over a period of two thousand years, stretching from BC to AD, to take refuge in a world of make-believe. Sourabh Sharma. Rajendra Prasad Correspondence and Select Documents. Performance on the professional and academic front remains on the track.

Essays in Honour of Professor R. Sharma" Munshiram Manoharlal, Delhi, Jaiswal Research Institute, Patna in Journalist Sham Lal writes about him, "R. Sharma, a perceptive historian of Ancient India, has too great a regard for the truth about the social evolution in India over a period of two thousand years, stretching from BC to AD, to take refuge in a world of make-believe. Professor Sumit Sarkar opines: "Indian historiography, starting with D.

Kosambi in the s, is acknowledged the world over — wherever South Asian history is taught or studied — as quite on a par with or even superior to all that is produced abroad. Sharma are figures respected even in the most diehard anti-Communist American universities. They cannot be ignored if you are studying South Asian history. Impatient with inefficiency and guided by his radicalism, Sharma had been a great builder of institutions. In Delhi, where he spent a smaller part of his teaching career, Sharma's achievements are no less significant.

The development of the department of History, Delhi University, owes a great deal to the efforts of Professor Sharma who radicalised it by converting it into a citadel of secular and scientific History and waged an all out war against communalist historiography. It is largely because of his efforts that the largest body of professional Indian historians, the Indian History Congress, of which he was the general president in and which honoured him with H.

Barpujari Award in , has now become the symbol of secular and scientific approach to History. Sharma combined lifelong commitment to high-quality historical research on ancient India with equal commitment to high-quality teaching and imparting historical knowledge to several generations of students, a large number of whom grew under his care and guidance into serious scholars and researchers in their own right and enriched the profession.

Sharma was known for his simplicity. Full of compassion, he has been a constant source of inspiration to his pupils and other younger scholars. While he has been all warmth to his friends, he is extremely decent and generous to his detractors.

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His qualities of head and heart make him a truly great man. Professor Sharma's mastery of epigraphic, literary and archaeological texts enabled him to demolish many myths created by imperialist-colonialist historiography as well as by the cultural chauvinists of more recent times, and made scientific study of the ever-changing Indian society in all its dimensions possible. In his writings Professor Sharma has focused on early Indian social structure, material and economic life, state formation and political ideas and the social context of religious ideologies and has sought to underline the historical processes which shaped Indian culture and civilisation.

The publication of his monograph Indian Feudalism in caused almost a furore in the academia, generating intense debate and sharp responses both in favour of and against the applicability of the model of "feudalism" to the Indian situation at any point of time. Kosambi to analyse the developments in the socio-economic sphere in the late ancient and medieval periods of Indian history.

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Barpujari award instituted by the Indian History Congress. Sharma applied the tool of historical materialism not only to explain social differentiation and stages of economic development, but also to the realm of ideology.

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Sharma wrote two books, Looking for the Aryans Orient Longman, and Advent of the Aryans in India Manohar, , to argue against the notion that Indo-European languages speakers were original inhabitants of India and Indus Valley Civilisation was their creation. Sharma has denounced communalism of all types. In his booklet, Communal History and Rama's Ayodhya , he writes, " Ayodhya seems to have emerged as a place of religious pilgrimage in medieval times.

Although chapter 85 of the Vishnu Smriti lists as many as 52 places of pilgrimage, including towns, lakes, rivers, mountains, etc. Athar Ali and Dwijendra Narayan Jha came up with the Historian's report to the nation on how the communalists were mistaken in their assumption that there was a temple at the disputed site and how it was sheer vandalism in bringing down the mosque. His Ancient India was banned by the Janata Party government in , among other things for its criticism of the historicity of Krishna and the events of the Mahabharata epic, reporting the historical position that.

He has supported the addition of the Ayodhya dispute and the Gujarat riots to school syllabus calling them 'socially relevant topics' to broaden the horizons of youngsters. I for drawing too close parallels between European and Indian feudalism. Wink writes that R. Sharma's " Indian Feudalism has misguided virtually all historians of the period.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ram Sharan Sharma. Barauni , Begusarai , British India.

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August The Indian Express. Retrieved 27 August Hindustan Times. Archived from the original on 24 August The Times of India. Retrieved 9 August University of Delhi.

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