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Astrology Zodiac Sign: Libra

The Libra sign is represented by a symbol of the scales of justice. Those who fall under the Libra zodiac sign seek balance above all.

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They simply like to weigh the best options for themselves and everyone else around them. When they do make decisions, you can be assured that these decisions will give the best results for all parties involved. Those born under this zodiac sign are extremely diplomatic and fair, and they hate to see others be unhappy around them due to unequal circumstances - meaning sometimes they can come off as a people pleaser. It is not so much that they are doing this for selfish or manipulative reasons, but rather because they are are seeking to create unity. Harmony is a word that is very important to this sign - and peace in all aspects of their life is an imperative.

Often seen as quite charming, Libra is a sign that will only be frustrated and unhappy if they think or feel that they haven't been treated fairly. Many Libra zodiac signs love physical exercise and tend to gravitate towards running and marathons. Meditation can be a great thing for this zodiac sign to do, as this helps create a space where they can make decisions and contemplate without interruptions. They will spend much of their time trying to establish an equilibrium between every part of themselves, and they will not be fully happy or fulfilled until they find and implement this balance.

The Personality of a Libra, Explained

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Libra is a zodiac sign that has a very strong sense of right and wrong, being modeled after the scales of justice. They are deeply concerned about what is fair in the world. They do not like to see anyone treated brashly or unfairly. This coupled with their objective nature means that they can become great mediators.

3 Best Compatibility Matches for Libra Zodiac Sign

They don't mind, of course - and instead find happiness in seeing the smile on the faces of others. They come off as charming, helpful and generous people, who love to share their possessions and knowledge with those around them. Chatty and sociable, they also love to talk, often wining them many friends. Because of their objectivity and their deep sense of morality, they are often great person to go to when you need a carefully weighed answer to a question or some well thought out advice. Because of their tact and diplomacy, it can be sometimes hard to trust their words.

Unlike the direct and assertive Aries for example, what they say is carefully chosen. They have a sharp dislike of conflict, sometimes making them rather avoidant when it comes to confrontation. However, it couldn't be more accurate. The Libra symbol is the scales. Everything in the Libra's world must be balanced, just like a scale. A Libra doesn't feel right unless justice is served and everything is equal and in perfect harmony. For such a peaceful sign, you're pretty badass, Libra.

Libras are hopeless romantics. Finding love is very important to a Libra and they don't make it hard for you to fall in love with them either. Libras are naturally charming and exude a beautiful energy that makes them quite irresistible.

Libras require a deep, meaningful romantic relationship and it is crucial that it also must be an equal union for it to survive. That's why the Libra will make a beautiful astrological match with their fellow air sign, the Gemini. As air signs, they are both very sociable and communicative people. Libras yearn and often spend much of their time looking for that traditional, old-school type of romance.

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And they have no problem doing their part as well in returning their love whether through words or gifts. It's easy for a Libra to lose themselves in their relationships, which can become a bit of a problem to both partners. Most of this couple's issues will lie in the fact that Gemini is more independent than Libra. While a Gemini no doubt loves their relationship with their Libra, they also value their independent streak.

This is something Libras have a harder time wrapping their heads around. They wouldn't mind spending all of their time with their partner, which can clash with the independent part of a Gemini's personality. Their partnership is a harmonious, exquisite one that will last well into their golden years, which is exactly what the Libra is looking for. Libras are natural born diplomats.

All About Libra

What is the remedy for this? Since Libra is like Taurus ruled by Venus, Librans possess an appreciation and an affinity with beauty. Where the Taurus beauty can be quite earthly , the Libran energy being an Air sign can be a beauty in the realm of ideas and concepts. Librans are known to be great appreciators of art and style.

Librans often possess a certain social beauty. They often have charm and grace and diplomacy. If you are hosting a party or an eventy you would do well to have a Libran in charge as chances are it wil run very smoothly. Libran energy would influence a person to be a good artist, a diplomat and a marriage counsellor.

Libra Zodiac Sign

The Libra symbol, or glyph, is the only non-living symbol and is designed to depict the Scales. This is the Libra horoscope symbol and the character that represents this zodiac sign. Almost all of the 12 zodiac signs are depicted by an animal, with the exception of Gemini, Virgo. Libra (♎) is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac. It spans °–° celestial longitude. The sign of Libra is symbolized by the scales and is associated with the Roman deity Iustitia. According to the writer Manilius, Roman judges are.

It's shadow side can be a person who can never make a decision and is ineffective in the world. Another shadow side of Libra is the person who takes justice to it's extreme, is out of touch with his emotions, and has no mercy on those around him. The most compatible zodiac signs with Libra are generally considered to be Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius and the least compatible zodiac signs Cancer and Capricorn.