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Cancer is the first of the water signs, representing the realm of the emotions. Cancer pets are sensitive, extremely loyal to home and family, caring, and fond of food. Leo is the second fire sign: strong, magnanimous, and playful. Virgo is the second earth sign, representing the harvest of the planted seed. These pets like to accomplish things. Pets born during this time are easy to train, intelligent, discerning, capable, and quick to housebreak. Libra is the second air sign. Libran pets have a constant need to be relating—with their environment, with other animals, with people.

Pets born under this sign go to great lengths to please you. Scorpio is the second water sign; this sign rules the will. Scorpios are by far the strongest members of the zodiac.

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Pets born under this sign are willful, stubborn, and intelligent. Sagittarius is the third and final fire sign; those born under this sign are the seekers of freedom and adventure. Sagittarian pets have lots of energy and enjoy challenges. They also like to move around—and not just in the backyard, either.

I realize that this article is intended for enjoyment, not objective scientific inquiry; but many people observe that adopting a shelter dog is the kindest way to acquire a pet, and biologists will add that a hybrid - a "mutt" - is likely to be genetically healthier than a purebred animal, because those bloodlines were often created by INbreeding. Cats are more independent, of course, but the same concerns apply.

The odds of knowing a shelter animal's exact birthday are slim; sometimes you're lucky if you can tell how old they are in terms of YEARS. So while this article is a lot of fun, I'm not sure how valuable it is for those kind souls who reach out to abandoned, abused and neglected pets, to give them the homes they deserve. Leos are definitely strong, but Scorpios are ruled by Pluto—closely aligned with plutonium.

I'm glad that you admit Leo is strong. And yes, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, but Leo is ruled by the SUN and contrary to some modern astrologers' claims, the Sun is by faaaaar a stronger force than Pluto or Plutonium. It is quite literally the strongest force in the entire solar system so it's baffling why astrologers keep forgetting that basic astronomical fact.

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Leo is also symbolized by a lion, a far stronger animal than either a ram or scorpion. It's also ruled by the Strength Tarot Card. So all of this proves that Leo, not Scorpio is the strongest sign in general. We have a female miniature dachshund that we are having difficulty house training her to potty outside only. She was born January 11, Dachshunds are a difficult breed to potty train and may never be completely housebroken. Using food only outside! Negative reaction makes it worse.

Crate training is VERY helpful as they will not go in their bed. I think my cat is a Cancer. He's not too quick on the uptake, not very energetic, but he is always by my side. Not a lap cat!!!

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But nearby, always. Express your amazing self, even if you're not a Leo, it's okay to roar! What Jupiter connects with expands.

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So, that may mean Leo's ego! When this happens, let's go with it.

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Besides, Leo always wants to be first in the Kingdom. So before the fixed, masculine energy of the lion leaves us for another day, let's focus on what it means to be the lion of a jungle and the king of your kingdom.

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The power color of Leo is gold and when you think of gold you may first acknowledge the shine. It's the shine that brings gold it's attention but not all gold pieces shine in the same way. The purity of the gold and its strength are interconnected. And to a Leo, he or she swears her interior is pure gold, as is her motives, her desires, and anything else she wants.

For Leo, confidence and determination of spirit are the gold that shines bright in their life, and the lion is full of both. Perhaps the lesson to take away from a day when the Moon is in Leo squaring Jupiter is self-belief. If we admit it, we all struggle with a form of self belief. We may have confidence in our capabilities and even in God, the love of a friend or family member, but there's often a small part of ourselves that lacks in self-belief. Today, focusing on Leo energy, ask yourself what is it you see when you looking the mirror?

Do you see the good side of you? You shoud! Aries, with a Moon in Leo squaring Jupiter, you might not be sure what you're ideas are or what your challenges are at this time, but the point is to focus on your strengths and the rest will resolve itself. What's not meant for you will not be around long, and it clears the way for what is. Sometimes, we feel. Other times, we do. Today, focus on the spirit of doing and being.