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None of these touch points should be your first step in the analysis of profession. Indeed this is the reason why before analyzing the first house and 1st lord, we first have to analyze the SUN, which happens to be the karaka of 1 st house. So hope you people are getting what exactly your friend Nikhil is trying to explain.

Saturn’s Connection With The Moon Signs

Hence From here, we will learn everything from scratch. Jupiter karaka for 2 nd , 5 th , 9 th , 10 th and 11 th houses as Jeevakaraka Self for Males. Venus karaka for 7th house as Jeevakaraka Self for Females, Venus is also for Wife, Finance, vehicles, daughter, daughter in law, Younger sister 2nd. For Profession, elder brother consider Saturn karaka for 6 th , 8 th , 10 th and 12th houses. For Husband, Younger brother 2nd consider Mars karaka for 3 rd and 6 th houses. For mother, Elder sister, mother in law consider Moon karaka for 4 th house.

For Father, soul and son consider Sun karaka for 1 st , 9 th and 10 th houses. For education, Maternal Uncle, girl friend, boy friend, father in law, Younger sister 3rd , Younger brother 3rd consider mercury karaka for 4 th and 10 th houses. Now you all must be wondering that why the hell Nikhil is giving these Karakas even more importance than Houses and house lords, so dear all understand this in just 1 sentence;.

If you are living in a rented house, then will you be more important or your landlord would be more important from the angle of ownership? Obviously landlord, since landlord is the permanent owner of your residence. If he wishes, he may throw you out. Similarly Karakas have permanent ownership of all possible parameters; you may have 7 different lords there are 7 planets excluding nodes of any house as per different ascendant but karaka will permanently represent any specific parameter or house.

Whatever may be the ascendant Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc, but Sun will always be the karaka of your 1 st house, 9 th house, 10 th house and father, any planet may lord over 4 th house, depending on the ascendant sign but Moon will always be the Karaka of your 4 th house and mother. Now you know that first step has to be karaka, hence Saturn is the Karaka for profession or you can say Saturn is the karma karaka and Jupiter is your Jeevakaraka self significator , hence whenever you wish to study about your Self-Jupiter career Karma-Saturn astrologically, then you have to start your analysis from Saturn and Jupiter.

So, the most powerful influences on your Saturn and Jupiter will actually determine the basic stream of your career and many a times your area of interest or passion. These influences on your Saturn and Jupiter will give you the first clue about your area of profession. Even if he gets a job, remuneration would be less. The employer will always find fault with him and the native will never get satisfaction in career.

Yes in case both sun and Saturn are very good in the chart after taking into account many factors , then things would be completely reverse as then power, honor and fame all will come to the native.

Planetary Combination For Billionaire

According to the Vedic Astrology, the profession or business has a direct relationship with the Tenth House in the Kundali. Along with it, Saturn, Mars, Sun, and Rahu play the most vital roles individually for the longevity of your business or career. Saturn is said to have a good. Astrology helps a person to select the right business sector. With the help of Astrology you are also able to know the rate of profit or loss for a particular business. Ruling Planet Sun Moon Saturn Venus Mercury Mars Jupiter Rahu Ketu Line of favorable business as per Business.

Ultimately mental peace would suffer. Yes in case both moon and Saturn are very good in the chart after taking into account many factors , then things would be much less negative, could also be very good depending on other factors. Machines- Engineering, Iron Industry, machine handler, Professions Connected with Metal and mineral Mining, carpenter, mechanic, blacksmith , Instrument manufacturing. Apart from the above mars also governs Butchers, barbers, antiquities related work, Teachers and researchers of physics.

People will be harassing the native in his work place. Even getting a well paid job would become difficult. Yes in case both mars and Saturn are very good in the chart after taking into account many factors , then things would be much less negative.

Business Career Or Job In Horoscope-Astrology | AstroSanhita

Could also be very good depending on other factors. Education: teacher, novelist, writer, author, examiner, mathematics, lecturer, professor, clerk, accountant, statisticians.

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Communication: News paper, News paper vendor, postal and telegraph, printing press, telephone department, journalism, editor, commission agents, postman, broker, journalist, public speaker, ambassador, imports and exports, air and land transports. Decision takers, law makers, law implementation: Auditor, lawyer, judge, councilor, ambassador, CBI agents, legal adviser, inspector, consultants, advisors, astrologers,.

You must also remember that in the above scenario the linkage of mercury with Saturn will give native a comfortable business. Cooperation will be there from all the sides. Native will earn a lot of money in his business and will buy lands, property etc. You must also remember that in the above scenario the linkage of Jupiter with Saturn will give a comfortable career to the native. The life will be very smooth along with honor and respect. Native will enjoy all the luxuries and would easily find a good job. Cooperation from respectable persons will also be there.

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Various forms of Arts: Artists, musician, musical instruments, singer, performer, dancer, dramatist, story writing, poetry, acting, cinema, theatre, painting, sculpture. Commerce, Finance and wealth: Treasurer, Accountant, Auditor, insurance, money lending, financial organizations, bank commission agent, Finance Minister. Apart from above Venus also governs tourism, prostitution, Drinks alcohol, wine and fruit juice , marketing and housekeeping.

You must also remember that in the above scenario the linkage of Venus with Saturn then the person will be very rich with all the luxuries at his disposal. Here are the 9 prime rules for running a successful online business. Online Marketing Strategies. If you love your work, you'll be out there every day trying to do it the best you possibly can, and pretty soon everybody around will catch the passion from you — like a fever.

Those in job can chant it regularly to get promotions; those in business can use it to increase profits and those in trade can benefit by attracting new customers.

Business Yoga in Astrology

In my recent article on Forbes, you get a few lessons and a compelling story of their journey. Feng shui dictates that the paint color on your house can affect your wealth and abundance. Here we are providing some fruitful remedies for success in examination, Remember there is every success is link to Positive thinking and Perfect goal and Best Effort.

The rest of the things, depends upon how far your fate is supporting you. The same skills continued to be mentioned. Female entrepreneurship is on the rise, but running a business isn't easy. We're sure that you will derive great benefits by reading these pages.

Growing an astrology business requires many of the same techniques people use to grow most home-based businesses that provide personalized services to clients. Marketing and sales How well you market your business and interact with your customers can vastly influence your success.

The large thumb end zone only indicates strong determination to get results and succeed; it does not reveal anything about the other qualities that contribute to success, such as skill and physical ability. Career Astrology: Your weapon for success A good career is the most important part of life today, as no one can survive without a good career in today's world. Consulting both supports small business and is a small business of its own.

Being well-informed helps you make logical and supportive choices for your personal well-being. Success is imbedded in your Name At Zodiac Advanced Astrology, we use a unique formula to create Business Names based on certain astrological, numerological and mathematical formulae. Daily work horoscope prediction and job focused daily zodiac forecast.

Indian astrology will be focusing here the planets responsible to trade of different Zodiac, Sun sign. Financial profits and business travels also appear fruitful. In Astrology, Jupiter has very important role to play for a native to lead a successful and religious life. Useful Business Tips These links on business numerology contain invaluable business tips for your success.


Every student think in a mind How to get success in exam, because it is question of life for the career point of view. This includes planetary combinations for successful career and Sudden Rise in life in Vedic astrology. If less-than-talented reality show participants can go on to become household names, then you can surely succeed at branding yourself for professional success. Jan Spiller Astrology - Honoring the Legacy and Wisdom of Jan Spiller Jan Spiller is a world-renowned author, and was a speaker, radio personality and pioneer in astrology research.

Moon in Lal Kitab rules over education so the remedy given ahead deals with moon only. It builds customer loyalty, improves customer retention and assists your long-term growth and success.

Business and Profession Yoga in Kundli

We provide hundreds of our own uniques articles to keep you updated on the latest in the home business industry including incorporating your business, marketing a new business and other strategies. If you think starting a small business would merely be "a nice thing to do," or something that you simply want to try, you probably aren't dedicated enough to insure your success at it. This section includes information on the USDA, the farm bill, trade deals, acquisitions, and more. These success tips from small business leaders were filmed live at ICON14 and cover startup success, marketing and social media.

The Wishpond marketing team put our heads together and came up with a comprehensive checklist of 45 of the best Facebook Business Page tips, tricks, and optimizations. Useful Business Tips On Numerology The following links on business contain invaluable business tips for your success.

If your Saturn is in Sagittarius you may have just experienced the Saturn return or it may still be coming up until December Getting started We asked home-based business owners to share their best tips and advice. If problem arises, whenever material is procured for business, buy some toys along with it and gift them to children.

Running a business is a demanding task. Maximum people think, to choose job as a career is most secured than business. This planet is known to give adversities as well as trouble in life. Get personal attention and greatly improve your chances of success. There is an accurate description of what the houses mean. Indian astrology is the solution for all your problems related to job, education, profession, health etc. Your birth chart tells you about your potential and your purpose, the chart of your business will describe how successful it can become.

You may pat yourself for it being well-deserved. Business News Stay up-to-date on the latest announcements that affect agriculture business. Chinese Chatting Etiquette 4. The answer could be as simple as the color on your house. Business Success Begins with Customers Day-to-day operational challenges can distract you from your mission to create value for your customers. Select from the Microsoft product listings below. Often you would have. Thumb End Zone Flexibility and Success.

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Through Astrology, Vaastu and Lal Kitab, I have tried to consolidate certain tips which can be applied to any form of business to get desired success, whether you are associated with online or specific country based business or export import, manufacturing or service sector etc. Whether it be the good or bad, the internal or external; some combination of astrological elements can be found to represent it. Welcome to Dress For Success Toronto The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.