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Taurus And Taurus Compatibility, Love and Friendship

Best Match for a Taurus Woman

The Libra man loves to please and Taurus female will reciprocate. Also both the sun signs are slow to make decisions to it will be difficult at times so they have to work together. If only they could find a way to relate as well in other areas. If the Scorpio man could find a way to open up and communicate more with his Taurus woman, this would help. They are both strong-willed so they will have to learn the art of compromise if they are to survive.

But when he is home with her he is very attentive which she appreciates, especially in the bedroom! He also has a tendency to rush into things whereas Taurus takes things slow. She will have to learn to try new things to keep her man interested. This is true between the sheets as well. If the horoscope compatibility in this relationship can find a balance and trust is achieved, things can work out. Both are successful and hard working. They will make a nice home together. Taurus will sometimes want more emotion from her Capricorn partner as he can come off as cold and detached.

She will want more passion and intensity in the bedroom as well. But otherwise these two astrology signs have much in common and should have many happy years together. They want different things from their sex life as well.

She enjoys a more primal and physical experience while he wants a spiritual experience. She may get bored waiting for him to satisfy her urges. They will have to learn to relate to and please each other so that they can be happy and compatible together. Taurus Woman Compatibility With Pisces Man:- Pisces will be attracted to his Taurus woman for he appreciates her stability and practical nature.

Neither cares for drama. Taurus is attracted to Pisces sensitivity and gentleness. The only issue in their union is that the Pisces man is a bit of a dreamer and not as responsible as his Taurus mate. She likes a partner who can help her with the responsibilities but they are compatible in so many other ways that if they want to they can make this relationship work. Tags love compatibility taurus. Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! What Color Matches Your Personality?


You should have to be really extraordinary to keep his attention for long. Scorpio man is very sexual and deeply devoted lover. He is extremely emotional and his vulnerability comes up to surface in love relationship. His jealousy could cost him his own well-being and eventually destroy a relationship. Scorpio man knows that, but he is often helpless in controlling it. His perfect partner is a woman who is independent, beautiful, intelligent and a bit mysterious, but not the one who is overly flirty.

He wants her all for himself.

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On the other hand, Scorpio man would offer you the world. He is very passionate, kind and caring in a romantic relationship, so a woman would get all the attention needed. Even if things do not go as smooth as it should be, rarely a woman would complain about her sex life with Scorpio man.

Relationship with a Scorpio is rich, in every sense possible, emotional, sexual, and intellectual. Taurus woman is a lady that leaves an impression of an unshakeable personality, which is, for the greatest part, true. Many would call Taurus woman stubborn, but the fact is that she has an attitude towards everything.

Her opinion and point of view are firm, in all matters and you will have hard times trying to persuade her otherwise. Moreover, Taurus woman would present you all sorts of firm and stable arguments to defend her opinion. It is very likely that you will be the one to get stressed and to give up, long before Taurus lady becomes even a bit irritated. She is a strong personality, with stable integrity and great aura. Taurus woman is decisive, determined and very independent.

She is organized and capable of handling things on her on, which makes her capable of creating and designing her own career path. Taurus woman is successful in independent business and this is her main goal. Career, money and stability are her aims. Taurus woman sees to create her life the way she imagines it; she does not like to be dependent on others, not even her partner.

Professional development and success are subjects she could talk about endlessly. She is talented in many areas, but she strictly divides hobbies from work, since it is safer option. She values honesty, truth and stability over all.

However, Taurus woman does not let people to get very close emotionally and is careful when choosing a partner. Typically, Taurus woman is not particularly interested in experimenting and adventure. Once she finds the best way to do something, she would keep to it. She could be emotionally closed, but Taurus woman is not a cold and reserved person. She actually appears very positive, which she is.

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Taurus woman does not despair over failures and loses, although it could happen that she suppresses her actual feelings. You would not hear her complain or ask for assistance.

Libra Man And Taurus Woman Compatibility

I do know 2 middle-age Gemini women born may-june cusp Gemini-Taurus people and they too show strong Taurus familiy-devotion and loyalty despite being labelled as the most mutable sign possible. Taurus monthly horoscope. I would say the 3 qualities I value the most holding it in both other people and myself would be: Stability, Devotion, and Loyalty above all else. Taurus provides Pisces a feeling of structure and boundaries that can help define some of the fish's broader talents and desires by helping bring them to the forefront. When Leo feels consistently disrespected, as if their needs don't matter, it can become a fundamental problem in the relationship. Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man. Taurus , because of their mellow nature, sometimes finds Leo demanding or frustrating.

She can manage it herself. Taurus woman is usually not in the centre of attention and she prefers it that way.

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However, this lady expresses amazingly strong femininity. She is sensual and reliable, in life and in love. She is a person you could trust your life with.

Taurus woman is loyal friends and a faithful lover. Her aura is calming, which could be pretty surprising, since she usually comes from the world that is overloaded with stress. Taurus woman seeks for a man who is strong-willed, equally determined in life and a one whom she shares goals and values with. She would never start a relationship if there were any reason for suspicion.

She would make sure she has got all the information about you, before she surrenders to her emotions. She is a very rational personality. Taurus woman loves deeply, but trust her reason more than her heart. Scorpio man and Taurus woman could be an excellent match. This is thought to be one of the most passionate zodiac combinations! Scorpio and Taurus are considered two of the most erotic zodiac signs, each in their own manner.

There is a strong physical attraction between these two. Jealousy commonly goes with this combination. Scorpio man is typically the initiator of this relationship and Taurus woman eagerly accepts the game. His determination and incredible charisma, as well. This is a very erotic relationship, overall.

There are many differences between the two and this connection is turbulent. Scorpio man and Taurus woman would often argue over all sorts of daily business.

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