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It's a curious and a popular question for a lot of people as to when he is going to marry.

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We need to examine and check the causes and reasons for the delay in this marriage as indicated by Astrology. Mars the marriage house Lord is posited in Gemini Sign enemy sign. Saturn is debilitated and posited in 7th house and this is one of a major reason for delay in this marriage. Venus, the significator of marriage, is hemmed in between malefic planets. In Navamsa Chart Venus is debilitated.

Will he become Prime Minister of India in ? He is undergoing Mars main period since mid april , and it will end in mid april Mars is Lord of 2nd and 7th house Marak houses and is posited in 9th house along with 11th house Lord Sun. Mars is getting combust as Mars is within 17 degrees of Sun. Mars is getting 9th aspect of Jupiter , 7th aspect of Moon and 3rd aspect of Saturn. Aspect of Jupiter in particular is beneficial and Mars is not totally powerless as a result.

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At present since first week of March he is under the influence of Mars-Venus which will end in first week of May Venus is his Ascendant Lord and placed in 10th house is giving it power , and this will give him enough fillip to still have a hold on to his party. This period is a period of consolidation for him and he may find things improving for better for him in his political career, though nothing extraordinary may happen, but a steady consolidation is indicated.

Let us now see the effects of Transits in his life, Jupiter is transiting over 11th from his moon sign , and this transit is expected to be favorable for him. This transit will bring improvement in his political career , he will appear more sophisticated , articulate and confident in Public. His relations with political people may get improved somewhat and his position in his party could also be consolidated.

His communication skills will improve markedly as Jupiter's aspect is on 3rd house. His past hard work will give him suitable reward in this transit.

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In spite of having favorable transit of Jupiter due to presence of malefic influences in his Chart he is and won't get full benefic results. Secondly malefic planets in the 5th Saturn and 9th Ketu from the natal moon and debilitated Saturn in the 5th house from Natal Moon are real road blockers in his Political Career.

In nutshell it would be difficult for him to reverse the people's opinion and perception about him and his Party. Saturn is transiting over his moon sign which means it is transiting in 1st house. He is under the influence of Sade Sati phase.

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This is also termed as Janam Shani. Saurn is aspecting 3rd and 10th houses apart from 7th. This transit will affect his motivation, communication , sibling and career among other things. This transit will present obstacles for him in his career. This phase of Sade Sati could be full of distress and struggle also delays and disappointments in efforts and projects are entirely possible.

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Hello, I am too concern about my love life and career, so please help me to know my future better. Thanking you, Priya Bhakat. Worried about my career…stable position in a work field…right now jobless…. I am Fouzia….

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I am in big financial crises due to stock market. When I shall recover my position. Property in court case. Will the case judgement in my favour.

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Indians are doing extremely well, everywhere. Look at yourself you crazy person instead of complaining or writing rubbish here , ok!!!! I would like to know what direction my career is headed and when i will land a new job? And when i get marry and to whome now i m 24years old. And when i get marry to whome? Is good for me to receive update on where my ife is heading towards. But can specify the heath prob em hanging on my heath and what are the so utions. I like this website.

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It is ruled by Kuja Graham Angaraka. Person usually have a sarcastic way of communicating. Go ahead and get a quick question answered related to marriage! Wish you a very happy and fulfilling year I am facing issues in current job, is it a good time to change the job? Let us now see the effects of Transits in his life, Jupiter is transiting over 11th from his moon sign , and this transit is expected to be favorable for him.

But there are some doubt within me. I vould like to know vhether I should become astronaught of india from the makings of tin foil beer bottle rocket. Vill I make to moon and back and vill I get job on return.

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I very much want blonde wife. Will this happen.

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